Let’s be honest - we all have bad habits.  In my case I drink too much coffee and I love junk food, just to name two.  All of us have bad habits we’d love to break.  Well, in Delaware, your State Government has a bad habit it hasn’t been able to break since Mike Castle and Pete du Pont were our Governors: SPENDING YOUR MONEY.


Delaware is a small state with a huge appetite for tax dollars.  It shouldn’t surprise us that our State Government is now facing a several hundred million dollar shortfall - we’ve spent ourselves into it.  The First State is consistently one of, if not the, most expensive State Governments per person in the entire country.  Our budget, along with other non-budget expenditures, totals over $8 Billion dollars a year.  $8 Billion!  That’s over $9,700 for every Delaware resident!


And its been getting  worse over the last several years.  During the Minner administration our budget grew by over $1 Billion and our budget has actually doubled in the last 12 years alone.  Needless to say, Delawareans have not seen a doubling of their income over the same period!


We can do something about all of this wasteful spending, but we need to act.  The first step in breaking a bad habit is to admit you have one.  Our politicians won’t acknowledge the problem until they hear of it from the people.  Thus this website and our state-wide education effort to get the word out.


I hope you will take a moment to review our Power-Point Presentation “Delaware’s Bad Habit” - the link is below.  Also, please come and participate in one of our town-hall meetings and if you have a group that would like to hear my presentation, please let us know.  Again, the links are below.


I am convinced we can solve our current financial problem and set a course for future prosperity and fiscal responsibility without burdening Delaware’s taxpayers anymore then they already are - but I need your help.


I look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas!




Senator Colin R M J Bonini
302-698-0960 (Home)
302-744-4169 (Senate)




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